Now everyone can hire a professional photographer for their wedding


Guide on how to choose a Photographer

  1. Have a rough figure on how much you would like to allocate for photography services.
  2. Visit photo shops around your area to grasp the idea on how you would like your photos to be like i.e. simple traditional shots, candid shots, artistic angles etc.
  3. Google up the internet for more options on photographers available in your area. The expensive ones usually have dedicated websites (as they need to pay extra for advertising and maintaining the sites).
  4. It is always wise to have a list of potentials and rank them according to your preferences.
  5. Try to arrange for a meet up so that you can view their work and also be comfortable with their personality. Remember, they are as important as your caterer since you will be working with them closely on your wedding day.
  6. Ask some basic questions like whether you can see their previous photography jobs, what type of camera that they use (provided you have some basic knowledge in this area), delivery of the final product and payment arrangements.
  7. Once selected, confirm all the wedding details and the payment timelines.
  8. And lastly, enjoy their work – you choose them because they are the best match for you!

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